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Soft soles baby shoes, Minimalist edition

Size Guide

At 'Love for Fabric', we ensure that the right fabric has been chosen to ensure that your child feels comfortable at all times. 

Our minimalist collection, features simple and elegant cotton twill fabric in sweet pastel colors. 

These shoes great in keeping your little one's feet warm but yet stylish. Our handmade soft sole shoes are designed to be light and soft to allow the natural growth and development of your baby's feet.


There are 5 adorable shoes designs to choose from

  • Button me up! Design A-1
  • Button me up! Design A-2
  • Button me up! Design A-3
  • Look! No Buttons! Design B-1
  • Bow me away! Design C-1



  • Exterior/Interior fabric : 100% cotton 
  • Infill : Extra loft fusible fleece
  • Sole padding : Flex foam 
  • Sole fabric : Faux suede or dotted non-slip fabric* 
  • Button : Classic wooden button
  • Ribbon :Soft Satin Ribbon

* applicable for size 4 only

    Following feedback from our beloved customers, all our shoes comes with an elastic band at the back to secure the shoes better onto those active baby feet.