Hippo Comfort Blankie

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There's nothing like that special bond between a child and his or her first toy or blanket.

Comfort toys or blankets plays a big part in a child development as it provides them with not only psychological comfort but also a great sense of familiarity and reassurance. Its part of their transitional phase towards independence.

Our Comfort Blankie combines the plushness of a minky blanket with a cute plush hippo toy at the top. It is rather flat and measures approvximately 13" x 13", making it very easy to be carried out in strollers or on car rides. Made with a combination of linen, minky and cotton fabric, the Comfort Blankie provide the right weight and sensory  experience for your little ones.

It also comes with a strap to allow you to attached it to a toy strap or even attached a pacifier or teether

Material :

Body - Solid linen with minky dot fabric

Ears and strap - Cotton fabric



Choice of minky fabric are as follows