Mini Travel Bunny sensory bean bag

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Introducing our Mini travel sensory bunny bean bag – a gentle and enchanting travel companion designed exclusively for your little one's sensory exploration and comfort. Crafted with utmost care and consideration, this pillow offers a world of tactile wonder, promoting sensory development and providing a sense of security for your baby.


Key features : 


* Calming presence :  The natural soothing sounds of the tumbling bean husks helps to stimulate a calming environment for the baby. On the other hand, the subtle weight of the pillow provides a reassuring sensation, emulating the gentle pressure babies often find comforting

* Portable comfort : The pillow measures only 25cm in height (excluding ears) and weighs less than 150gram, making it easy to carry around without much additional weight.

* Sensory Textures : Embark on a tactile adventure with the pillow's variety of sensory textures and sound. - from the different textures of the ribbons tags and the plush bunny ears to the sound of a crinkle sensory bunny tails.

* Personalisation : Customised your bunny with a complimentary small hand embroidery on the bunny ears (limited to 10 characters). 


Please note that unlike our other husk pillow, the Inner pillow for our travel bunny bean bag is NOT zippered. It is filled with 120grams of natural beansprout husk pillow that has gone through 5 stages of cleaning.

PS: If you prefer a different color for the complimentary solid fabric on the bunny ears, you can always PM us your request.