Our Beansprout husk pillow comes with a removable outer case and a zippered inner pillow filled with beansprout husk.

For regular maintenance or for lightly soiled pillow, we recommend to

  • Handwash/machined washed (with laundry net) the outer pillowcase  
  • The inner pillow cannot be put into the washing machine. Instead sun the   inner pillow under strong sunlight once a week. The warmth of the sun will refresh the beansprout husk.

Hence best to do the above on a hot sunny day.


In the event that the pillow gets heavily soiled,

  • Remove the outer pillowcase immediately and handwash/machined washed it.
  • Pour out the beansprout husk into a tray/container and wash the inner pillow case
  • Sun the husk till it is completely dry. To speed up and even out the drying process, we recommended that you constantly shuffle and flip the husk.
  • Once its done, you can put them all back together and its now ready to use